IBPS specialist marketing officer recommended book

Why you need IBPS Marketing Officer book?

IBPS marketing Officer post does not have too many books in market. This is very specialized post. Due to lack of books candidates face difficulty while preparing for the exam. There are not much material available for this post online.

You can use preparation materials for IBPS PO for this post. But those materials will not have Professional Knowledge section for IBPS marketing Officer post. For professional knowledge section either you should refer a book specially written for exams or read few books covering those topics.

I would recommend mixed approach. You should have a specialized book written for exam. You should use this book to know about questions asked, topics important and practice. After getting list of important topics you can refer your course books.

With course books you can dive into details of those topics. So if in real exams any question comes from those topics you can answer them easily. In this post we will review specialized books written for IBPS Marketing officer.

IBPS Marketing Officer Recommended book 1

Below features make this book as preferred choice for IBPS exams.It is also beneficial for other Government Marketing Officer posts.

  1. IBPS SO questions on marketing with complete set of questions, answer keys and explanatory solution for the year 2012-2016.
  2. The explanatory solutions will give you better understanding of basic concepts in a very less time and help you in quick learning.
  3. 13 sets of mock tests questions with correct answer keys and explanatory solutions.
  4. Book contains more than 3,500 questions
  5. Computer based training which will guide you in time management and strategic attempts.
  6. Complete set of professional knowledge with analytical questions
  7. Highly rated by aspirants of IBPS Marketing Officer post
  8. Beneficial for Marketing Officer post in other Banks and Financial Institutions
  9. Solved questions from previous year IBPS Exams

I would suggest you to practice this book after you complete reading a theoretical book on marketing. It will help you in revision and develop confidence of solving the MCQs in the examination.

Where to Buy?

You can buy the book online and get delivered to your home. You can buy from Amazon using below link. It is now offering discounted price for the book so you can get it at cheap price from Amazon.

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Other books for IBPS Marketing Officer

If for some reason you do not prefer above book then you can opt any one of below books.Above recommended book does not have theory part. So if you want theory part in the book then you will have to go for one of below books.

I am providing details of the books below.

IBPS Marketing Officer recommended book 2

This book contains logical part along with test series for practice. The book has separate marketing related professional knowledge section.

The Marketing Related Professional Knowledge section covers Introduction to Marketing, Marketing Environment, Marketing Mix, Consumer Behaviour, Market Segmentation, Marketing Management and Planning, Product Life Cycle (PLC), Channels of Distribution, Pricing, Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Branding, Packaging and Labeling, Marketing Research, Consumer Production and Modern Marketing System, Abbrevations and Glossary.

The book is good as it covers the logic part as well but number of questions are limited compared to book 1. So if budget is not a constraint for you then it is best to buy both the books. The first one for good questions with solution and second one to get all theory part in one place.

  1. It has solved questions from previous year IBPS Exams
  2. Contains all the four sections Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English Language and Marketing Ability
  3. Has the theory part of Marketing section
  4. Preferred by candidates who want logic part as well in book
  5. Does not have good quality marketing questions in sample papers

Where to buy?

You can also buy this book with discount online and get it delivered to your home. You can use below link to buy the book

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I will update this post with new books in future. So rest assured this page will always contain best books for the exams.