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IES Electronics Engineering Overview

Electronics is the most popular branches of Engineering nowadays.It is often challenged by Computer Science but still it enjoys the dominant position.The data of GATE exams aspirants confirms above statements.

There is one dearth of Government jobs for Electronics student. This is one major reason of its popularity. One such Government job exam is Engineering Services Exams in short ESE.

You should have BE or BTECH in Electronics Engineering to appear for ESE Electronics paper. There are other conditions as well. I have written separate article on IES exams which provides details like eligibility criteria exam format and key dates.

In this article my focus will be on Electronics paper only. I will provide you materials which will help you crack exams with ease.Proper planning and execution with right arsenal is key to success in tough exams like IES.

This article will help you in planning and arm yourself with right weapons.The execution part will be your part.After reading this article your doubts will be clear and in case yo have any queries you can ask me as well.

IES Electronics Engineering posts

Below are some organizations where candidates successful in Electronics Engineering paper are placed (as per wiki)

  • Central Power Engineering Service (Central Electricity Authority)
  • Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME), Indian Army
  • Indian Inspection Service (Directorate General of Supply and Disposals)
  • Indian Naval Armament Service (Directorate of Naval Armament)
  • Indian Naval Stores Service (Indian Navy)
  • Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS)
  • Indian Radio Regulatory Service
  • Indian Railway Service of Signal Engineers
  • Indian Railway Stores Service
  • Indian Supply Service (Directorate General of Supply and Disposals)
  • Indian Telecommunication Service

Defense services and Railways are common employer of candidates successful in IES exams. They recruit candidates of all papers. But Indian Telecommunication service and Indian Radio regulatory service are two major employer of Electronics students.. They do not employ candidates of other paper.

Other employers mentioned above are recruiting candidates from other streams as well. For example Central Power Engineering service employs other paper candidates majority from Electrical.

IES Electronics Engineering Recommended Books

The number of candidates appearing for Electronics paper is more than other stream papers. Due to this very reason number of books available for Electronics is way more than other streams. The plethora of choices available makes decision making tough.

Also many publishers have started publishing separate books for Preliminary paper 1 and preliminary paper 2. There are also separate books for Conventional Paper 1 and paper 2. All these factors increase confusion in minds of students.

Many books in market just provide answers to previous year questions. Simply listing  down answers will not help candidates.They need detailed solution of problems. Due to above issues I reviewed most of the books available and came up with below suggestions.

These are good books and I have also cited reason for recommending them. You can read the details and decide yourself.I have given links to each book. You can buy them using those link in discounted price.

Book 1

As mentioned above most books either focus on first paper or second one. However this book is a complete book. This is not just collection of problems and solution.It offers more than that.It offers you key concepts.Below are the reasons I recommend this book to you.

  • The book is organized into logical modules called sections and sections are sub divided into chapters.
  • The chapters have collection of key notes and theory in short form along with important concepts.
  • The questions are also grouped chapter wise. So you can easily relate questions with concept they belong to.
  • Previous ten year questions paper is fully solved.
  • The solutions are detailed so you can easily grasp the concepts and understand the logic used.
  • It also includes new chapters Basic Electrical Engineering and Advance Electronics Topics

For exams like ESE it is better to grasp the concepts. If you are confident with a chapter or topic then you can easily solve questions related to that topics in exams.This book does the job of presenting key concepts for revision and practice questions with detailed solution. This is the type of study material one needs before exams.

You do not have to look all through your notes and solved questions before exams.You can simply refer the book.This is the reason it is highly rated by students as well.

Click to buy first book

Book 2

This one is also not a dedicated book.It is meant for Preliminary exams though.It covers both papers of preliminary exams.The book does not just provide solutions of problems. It is not a practice book.Rather the approach followed by this book is what is required for any competitive exam.

It tries to help candidates learn and implement the problem solving tactics.You may not get similar questions in IES exams. But if you know how to solve questions then you can easily solve them.So it is more important to have a book which targets problem solving skill. You will get problem collection everywhere. The important thing is to understand how to solve the problem and implement the tactics in other problem.

This is lesser known book compared to many other available in market.Most candidates are not aware of this book.You can use below link to buy this book with discount.It has solution of some questions which are not available in other books.This makes it one must have for exams.

Click to buy second book

Book 3

Above two books are sufficient for Preliminary test.The first one and second one both also helps you with Conventional paper as well.However owing to competitiveness of exams it is better to have a dedicated book for Main exams as well.Solving questions from Mains exams papers will have added advantage.There are many books which focus on either Mains exam first paper or second paper.

Below book has right balance between first paper and second paper.It provides good amount of details for both papers.This books has solved questions of past seventeen years.So you get all the questions in one place.The solution is also detailed.The step by step easy solution is easily understandable.This is key feature of this book.

Click to buy third book

You can learn the concepts from first two books and solve questions from third book for Mains exams.If you are unable to solve question then refer the solution. Then you can refer the key notes of first two books.This way you can learn to understand underlying trick. After that you can solve similar type of question to understand how to implement the concept to solve the problems.

IES Electronics Engineering Android App

The online tests above have answers only. Each of them are with explanation in Android App. The Android App has unlimited online tests.Daily you have unique set of questions to answer. After taking the online test you can practice the same that day.Next day you again have different set of questions.

The free app is on Google Play. Below link provides the installation details (can be installed just like any other Android App). The article provides details of the App and install link.

IES Android App link


So we have discussed every type of resource you need to prepare for IES Electronics exams. You can use these with efficiency to get most out of them.But I must say your focus and dedication are key to success.Even with best of materials you can not succeed in exams if you lack these two things.

So remain motivated and focus on the exams.All the best for the upcoming exams.