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IES Civil Engineering Overview

Civil Engineering is one of the papers in ESE Exams. ESE stands for Engineering Services Exams. It is also famously knows as Indian Engineering Services that is IES.In this article I will be using both the terms interchangeably.

The eligibility criteria for all the papers are same. There is only one difference. In this article I will not cover eligibility criteria and exam format. I have covered these topics in my article on IES Exams.That article covers everything you need to know before applying for the exams.You can also post your questions on that article.

IES Civil Engineering posts

Civil Engineering is core discipline of Engineering. There are many jobs available for candidates clearing this paper. Below are some organizations where candidates successful in Civil Engineering paper are placed (as per wiki)

  • Border Roads Engineering Service (Border Roads Organisation).
  • Central Engineering Service (Central Public Works Department)
  • Central Engineering Service (Ministry of Road Transport & Highways)
  • Central Water Engineering Service (Central Water Commission)
  • Indian Defense Service of Engineers (Military Engineer Services)
  • Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS)
  • Indian Railway Service of Engineers
  • Indian Railway Stores Service
  • Survey of India Service
  • P & T Building Works Service (DoT, Ministry of Communication & Information Technology)
  • Military Engineer Services ( QS & C )

Indian Railways, Military services that is Defense services are major employers of Civil Engineers. Along with these two organizations the construction wing of Central Government also employs good number of candidates.

All of them present respectable and exciting career option. Candidates successful in IES exams have one of the best career options in India.

IES Civil Engineering Recommended Books

There are many books in market for each stream of ESE exams.It is good to have too many choices. But too many choices makes decision making tough. Candidates are confused about the books they should choose.

Books with less mistakes and properly organized helps. I have took pain to evaluate most of the books if not all available for IES Civil paper. The aim was to help you in your selection. You can read the details about each book and then make your decision.

I have listed books for Preliminary Exams as well as Mains exams. The books are listed in order of preference. Also preliminary exams books are listed first followed by Main exams book.You can buy the books in discounted price form the links mentioned in this article. In some cases you will save close to 50% as well.

Book 1

This is not very popular book. Though it is highly rated by students using it. IT is recommended by users of the book which is always a good sign. I would recommend this book for Preliminary exams.

  • The book has chapter wise solved questions
  • It has completely solved previous year papers.
  • Chapter wise organization of questions helps you understand how questions in ESe exams are framed and which concepts are used to solve the problems.
  • The brief details of concepts helps you grasp them faster and relate them with problems in hand
  • The book is simple and easy to use

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Book 2

This again is book for Preliminary Exams.This book also provides you topic wise grouping of questions. All the questions are with detailed solution. This helps candidates to understand the concept and solution.

  • Topic-wise objective solved papers
  • Detailed explanations for most of the questions
  • Good review and rating by the users
  • You can either use this book or the first one for Preliminary exams.Both of them are excellent books and are highly rated and reviewed by the candidates. I will recommend the first one followed by the second one. With these two books your quest for Preliminary exams book is over. Lets now see books for Mains exams.

    Book 3

    Candidates successful in Preliminary Exams have to sit for Mains Exams.Mains exams are descriptive questions. This book is intended for Mains exams. Every chapter in the book is logically divided into various sections, while ensuring that the contents in the book are self-sufficient and require no cross-referencing. All conventional questions along with their solutions are given in each chapter.

  • Previous years solved papers
  • Questions supported with detailed explanations
  • Provides good theoretical concepts as well.
  • Click to buy Mains Examination: Civil Engineering – Conventional Solved Papers – Paper – 1

    These three books set will be sufficient for preparation of ESE Civil Engineering preliminary paper and Mains paper.Along with these books you can refer the online tests and mobile apps mentioned on this website.

IES Civil Engineering Android App

I have also prepared IES Android Mobile App. You can use the Android mobile app to prepare on the go. All the questions are with solution. Also the app has detailed syllabus as well. So you can view the syllabus and solve questions. Note the number of tests in mobile app is unlimited with a new test daily.

IES General Studies Android mobile App