Is RS Agarwal good for IBPS Exams?

    Esha Upadhyay
    By Esha Upadhyay

    RS Agarwal is a well known name. Almost all of the candidates preparing for IBPS Exams have heard the name. The books are in business for long time. Earlier people used to refer only Quantitative Aptitude section from the book.

    This book covers the basics and key formulas in short and concise form. It helps in quick revision. In this aspect the book is really unmatched one. You get lots and lots of problems to solve. The problems are with answer.

    If you are just starting preparation of competitive exams then this is good book for starting your initial preparation.It does cover most of the topics from which you will get questions in the competitive exams. be it Quantitative Aptitude or Logical Reasoning. It has covered all those topics in plain simple and easy to follow approach.

    This is not concept building book. It is more of a preparation book with formulas and quick reference section with few questions solved to clear and show application of those concepts. After that you can dive into hundreds of questions it has to offer you.

    That is good for internalizing and understanding the application of topics to core. These are some strengths of this book which no other book has matched to. Due to this very reason it is still one of the most popular book out there.

    But recently exams have become smarter. They club concepts of multiple topics in one question. So you need to understand application of those concepts and solve the problem. For example exams nowadays club questions from Profit and Loss with Mixture and Allegations. These two concepts will be merged to create one question.

    So if you do not have understanding of these two separate questions then you can not understand them better.These types of questions are not present in RS Agarwal a great deal causing students a problem in preparation for them.

    So it is better to use RS Agarwal as starting book and then switch over to real problem solving.

    This question series have latest and unique questions which have high chances of appearing in Competitive exams. All the questions are with solution so you can solve and understand the questions better.

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