SBI Clerk vs IBPS Clerk Which one is better?

What is Bank Clerk?

Banking is considered as one of  the most lucrative industry among youngsters especially just passed out or about to pass out from college. There are many reasons of it.The main reasons are job security , good package and decent opening.

Due to shortage of work force every year we see good amount of opening in Banks. There are two popular career options Probationary Officer and Clerk. The two major exams for Government Bank Clerk position are IBPS and SBI.

In this article we will compare IBPS Clerk job with SBI Clerk job. WE have written separate article for comparison of IBPS PO vs SBI PO.

SBI recruits through their own selection procedure, whereas other Nationalized banks select through IBPS.The written test is conducted by IBPS, whereas viva/interview is taken care by individual participant banks as per their own methods of selection.

Before comparing SBI Clerk and IBPS Clerk it is better to understand job of a clerk.Understanding Clerk job profile will help you make decision whether you want to join as Bank Clerk or you want to apply for Bank PO.

Bank Clerk job profile

Clerical staffs are mainly required to do data entry tasks.They have to post transactions in system. Another important tasks of clerical staffs are managing cash department i.e receipt, payments,remittances etc.

If you have visited a Bank branch then you can easily understand job profile of a clerk. Most people you see on different counters are Clerks. So you can easily visualize the tasks performed by them.

Note there are different different and nature of task one has to perform. For example you might have noticed someone taking money at one counter, someone issuing you Internet banking kit at other counter. All those people are on post of Bank Clerk though experience differs.

SBI Clerk vs IBPS Clerk

Now that we understand Clerk job profile it is time to compare SBI Clerk with IBPS Clerk. We will compare both jobs on many parameters. This will help you make decision. Every candidate have different aspiration. Some prefer high salaried job , some prefer low pressure job.

So we compared the jobs on different parameters. You can read the comparison and decide yourself which one you are interested in. Note You can also post your queries to me as well.


Though the basic salary of clerks at SBI and other PSU banks is similar, but it is often seen that clerks at SBI earns almost Rs.2500/-P.M more than their counterpart in other PSU banks due to higher amount of allowances given by SBI.I would say that from salary point of view SBI  gains a point higher than other nationalized banks.

Further with promotion from clerical to officer cadre, in case of SBI , 4 increments are given which is not applicable to officers of other Nationalized banks.Clerical staff at SBI also gets higher amount of perks like conveyance charges, medical allowances, mediclaim etc, which even though varies from bank to bank but amounts are lesser than SBI in all other Nationalized banks.

So if salary is the criteria for you to make decision then SBI Clerk is clear winner. In fact many people have asked me about comparison of SBI Clerk with that of other bank PO. I would come up with article on SBI Clerk vs IBPS PO as well.

Eligibility Criteria

For both SBI Clerk and IBPS Clerk the minimum educational qualification is Graduation. In both the cases if percentage of marks if over 50% then you are eligible. Also in age limit also both posts are quite similar.

So if you are applying for IBPS Clerk or eligible to apply for it then you can also apply for SBI Clerk. Both the posts have same eligibility criteria.

Work Pressure

The job profile is more or less same for all Government bank Clerks. There is no clear winner here. But most of the SBI branches have more customer visits then other Bank branches. The number of accounts in SBI is more.

So you will have more work pressure in SBI bank then in other Banks. The number of account holder visits is proportional to amount of work you have to do. There may be some branches were other Government Banks may outperform SBI.

Leaving those exceptional cases it is always SBI which has more work pressure. Also SBI has branches all over India even in remote places. A clerk is posted in his or her state. But location of branches in remote areas does not help.

You may get posting near your area but the branch may be remote. This is lesser the case for other Banks. Note other Bank also have branches in remote area in states they are number one or two. In other states they have branches only in towns of good size. For example you can not have United Bank of India in remote place of Rajasthan.


There is more craze for SBI clerk Jobs among aspirants than other IBPS exams, leading to more tough competition in case of SBI.The number of vacancies for the post of SBI Clerk is always less than number of vacancies for the post of IBPS Clerk.

Though with merger of SBI associate banks in SBI the vacancies in SBI will increase. But it will still be less than IBPS Clerk. The number of candidates applying for IBPS Clerk and SBI Clerk exams are more or less same.

As the eligibility criteria is same candidates who apply for SBI Clerk also apply for IBPS Clerk and vice versa. As number of candidates are same but number of posts in less in SBI competition is more in SBI exams.

Selection Process

SBI clerk has got two phase Preliminary & Main exams. Prelims will comprise of three sections – English, Reasoning and Numerical ability of Total 100 MCQs.

Main exam will comprise of questions from 5 section- English, Reasoning ability ,Numerical ability, computer knowledge and General awareness. Candidates successful in preliminary exams and Main exams are called for Interview.

In case of IBPS clerk examination ,there are two phase of written examination  for prelims there are three sections and main there are five sections. So election process of both exams are same.

Due to level of competition , the cut off for SBI appears to be high than IBPS .In case of IBPS exam chances of getting selected is high, as number of participating bank will be more.

Recommended Books

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